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AlumaKlad™ Specs

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Provide labor, equipment, materials and services shown on the drawings, as herein specified and/or required by job site conditions.
    A. Pre-painted architectural roofing and/or sheet metal accessories shall be AlumaKlad, as supplied by Ryerson.

    B. The material shall be cut up to 144 inches long. Material is available in thicknesses of .032, .040, .050 and .063.

    C. All materials shall be 3105-H24 aluminum sheet or coil, commercial quality, primed and finished one side with Fluoroceram full-strength Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 based fluoropolymer coating 1.0 +/- 0.1 mil total dry film thickness.

    D. A washcoat of .3 to .4 mil dry film thickness shall be applied to the reverse side.

    E. The pre-painted, finished side of sheet shall be coated with a factory-installed, strippable film for protection of the finished surface during fabrication, shipping and installation.

    F. The material shall be protected from heat and direct sunlight to prevent possible deterioration of the strippable film and the finished coating.

    G. Color shall be selected from the AlumaKlad colors currently available.

Performance Criteria:

    A. The 70% Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 based finish coating shall conform to the following tests and standards:

    Hardness - HB Minimum; ASTM D3363.

    Adhesion - Hatch - 1/16 inch (no removal); ASTM D3359.

    Formability - 180º 2T Bend (no cracking or removal); ASTM D4145.

    Reverse Impact - No removal when taped; ASTM D2794.

    B. The base metal shall conform to the following tests and standards:

    Minimum Yield
    17KSI; ASTM B209.

AlumaKlad and ColorKlad shall be cut, formed, nailed or riveted using conventional hand or power tools. Fabricate and install in accordance with drawings and specifications using recognized sheet metal practices. Maintain sharp, clean, properly dressed and closely aligned cutting edges. To avoid damage, exercise care during fabrication and installation. Use color-matched touch-up paint and rivets where required.


Maintenance usually is not required. AlumaKlad or ColorKlad can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Follow with fresh water rinse.


Every AlumaKlad and ColorKlad roofing purchase comes with a standard finish 30-year warranty which is non-prorated, non-transferable and covers fading and chalking. The warranty shall include labor and materials through the thirtieth year.

Material shall not show a color change greater than 5 NBS color units per ASTM D2244, and chalk in excess of a numerical rating of 8 per ASTM D4214.

Please see copy of the entire AlumaKlad Warranty, detailing all provisions and stipulations.

Weathertightness Warranty:

Ryerson has teamed with AMB Warranty to also offer an optional, no-dollar-limit, weathertightness performance warranty that covers AlumaKlad and ColorKlad metal roofing products. AMB Warranty is sold separately.
  1. 2 to 30-year warranty periods available
  2. Quality assurance inspections
  3. Existing buildings, new buildings and retrofit installations
  4. Can be individually tailored to your particular roofing project
  5. All pertinent forms and additional information are available online at