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    For more than 160 years, Ryerson has maintained its reputation as a leader in the metals industry. In 2005, Ryerson moved into a leadership role in the architectural roofing metal field with the addition of AlumaKlad and ColorKlad to its product portfolio.

    ColorKlad, a standard in the industry, is a pre-painted, galvanized steel roofing metal. AlumaKlad maintains the same properties but with aluminum as the base metal. Both products are available in five attractive roofing profiles - Systems 1-5.

    AlumaKlad and ColorKlad are coated with Duranar Ultra-Cool, a premium cool coating from PPG. Add this technology in coatings to our focused 30/30 vision, our beautiful palette of 30 colors covered by our 30-year finish warranty, and you have an unbeatable combination of beauty, durability and longevity.